Women on Tinder – the best tips for flirting in chat

Women about Tinder and get to know


Match me if you can! Never flirt with women was as uncomplicated as in times of smartphones. Whether at home, at school / university, at the workplace or on the train: always have your mobile phone to the hot girls online.

In 2015, Tinder was very popular with the users, and 2016 will be no different. In this article we will give you the best tips and strategies on how to successfully write and get to know women on Tinder. So from the virtual chat is perhaps soon a real date or even the great love.

Why women write on Tinder?

On the Internet, countless single stock exchanges are buzzing, even dating apps for the smartphone are now like sand at sea. So there are plenty of opportunities to get to know a lot. Here the question arises: Does it need to flirt another online tool? Why should you use the Facebook-based Tinder when you want to write to women on the Internet. Tinder Real Life Flirting is always not that easy at it looks.

The advantages of Tinder in online dating are clear:

  • Approximately 2 million users in Germany according to focus (as of 08.10.2015), including of course also numerous attractive women to get to know each other
  • The most important functions are free of charge
  • Quick access for users who already have a full Facebook profile because Tinder accesses the Facebook data
  • Automatic pre-selection of women from the surrounding area
  • But the biggest advantage is: You can only write to Tinder with women, who really are on you (“matches”). So save yourself the time to flirt in vain with women who have no interest in you anyway!


The Tinder principle: Without matches nothing goes

The Flirt App Tinder works quite simply: You will be shown photos of different women from your environment and you have to decide whether you like them or not. Swipe to the right or click on the heart means “Like”, with wiping left or clicking on the cross you forgive a basket (“Nope”). In this way, the users of the app also choose sympathetic men. Now comes the highlight of the whole thing: Only if both mutual liken and thus a “match” is generated, it is at all possible to contact the other person.

A targeted picking out of individual women from the mass of users is not possible in contrast to the conventional single stock exchanges and flirt apps. This is refreshingly different and makes the cover letter on Tinder an exciting game. Try it yourself!

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In 4 steps to the match – this is how the app works!

Step 1: Fill out the Facebook profile and resize images

When you open Tinder and start for the first time, the app automatically imports your most important data: Facebook, photos, age, education, place of residence and interests are the stuff from which your Tinder profile is created. On your Facebook page, yawning emptiness prevails? Or is it hopelessly obsolete, still at the level of 2015 or older? Then it is high time to re-present yourself in the social network! Because with a well-filled Facebook or Tinder profile, you have the best chances of writing women – and can even make them write YOU!

By far the most important are your pictures – without the running is nothing. Keep in mind: With the matching system described above, most users decide in seconds whether the person depicted on the photo gets a like or not. Anyone who does not look attractive and sympathetic at first glance will never disappear into digital immersion. So, take a few good photos and put them on your Facebook account online. Also within the app you can select again separately pictures of Facebook or locally from your smartphone and put on the Tinder profile. So you are optimally equipped for the upcoming Tinder battle!

By the way: You want to check again how you present yourself in Tinder? In your settings menu, click on “View profile” at the bottom of your user name. Here you can take a look at your photo and the information provided.


Free: I make you a life full of women!

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Step 2: Make settings

Tinder settingsBefore the Liken and later the cover letter go, the Tinder app needs the correct Feintuning. Go to the “Find Settings” menu to set the location and search radius. In addition, you have the possibility to limit the age range of the women you want to find on Tinder. With these options you can ensure that the app – at least roughly – has a suitable pre-selection for you. This will only show you the women who meet your search criteria and are eligible for a contact.




Step 3: Watch and liken women

Tinder women liken

All done? Good! May the games begin now! In the main menu of the app, you can now either liken or reject the displayed women after heartbreak. Our tip: Take the best time for each lady before you make a decision. Do not look superficial at her photo! After all, you want to write to Tinder, who will fit you as much as possible?

By clicking on her picture you open the profile and get more information about her person. There are often more pictures, but in the best case also residence, interests, a profile text and more. After this detailed study of their profile, you can still decide whether to give her a like or shoot her into the wind. This strategy will increase the quality of your matches – so you’ll find the best women.


Step 4: Get more matches

Tinder Match

Of course, you can also as many women as possible to increase the chances of matches and even more users. The problem here: In the free version of Tinder the number of Likes you can assign daily, is strongly limited. So if you distribute your likes too lavishly, the fun is over after a short time.

Our tips: You upgrade to the paid version “Tinder Plus” with extended functionality for 11.75 € per month (applies to Android version in the Google Play Store, as of 22.02.2016). Or you install an older version of the app, for which no limitation of the Likes applies.

Then wait and drink tea until the first matches come in and you can get in touch. The higher the rate of your matches, the more women you can write – and of course the chances are that the right person is there for you. The number of your matches still leaves something to be desired? In this article you will soon find tips on what you can do if you have few or no matches so far.


The most important tips for the cover letter on Tinder

You had a match on Tinder? Congratulations, now can finally start the online dating! For this you have only to write the lady now, if she has not already done it herself. The big advantage: Since she has also lied to you, you must be sympathetic. So you do not chat in the chat women, who have anyway zero interest in an acquaintance.

But how can one write the pretty ladies on Tinder? Note also here, what is always the first message in the online dating always applies! The most important thing: do not send boring mass-mails with questions like “Hi, how are you?” Sayings à la “Hi, you’re really pretty” are taboo! With such messages you can wait a long time for an answer from her.

For first, women are more than bored with these nonsense phrases and get the feeling that you do not trouble yourself with the cover letter. Why should she answer a guy who does not even bother to make a reasonable message, let alone look at her profile? Secondly, the man, who indiscriminately distributes compliments, seems very submissive and has thus already catapulted himself into the austerity.

So you see: Although you have the sympathy of the woman in a match, it does not mean that you should write them with boring and annoying messages on Tinder! If you want to get a lot of answers, you have to be as creative as you would with other online partner exchanges.


Be unique but not good!

Unique Tinder conversation

So write your mail as individually as possible to increase the chance of an answer. The tailor-made message with interesting questions counts! Look at her profile again and look for eye-catching details, which can be packed well into a message. This can be garments, the resort or their untidy room in a photo. But also hobbies, preferences for music, sports and other interests of the woman is very good. So you have a common theme that creates a connection between you.

As I said, most men are submissive in single stock exchanges, and they get a mucus track when they write pretty women. Who is it surprised that the ladies do not answer such types? Tinder will not be any different. Therefore, be different from the others! When flirting, you should therefore also be a bit cheeky and playfully play them on the scribble.

Ask if she is just as bite as her dog in the photo or if she can behave better. So that the whole thing in the online dating is not considered an offense wrong, you should always put a laughing smiley with such statements into your message.


Sympathetic men are in demand

Of course, you should not limit yourself to writing the good by the cocoa and tearing one joke after another. Such a thing arouses their interest, but does not suffice for real sympathy. So you are doing well to deepen your virtual date soon and look for similarities. Once again, the interests that she has indicated in her profile help. Talk to them if you have not done it yet!

If there is yawning emptiness in her profile? Then make her the mischievous to the reproach and inquire about her hobbies. “You look like you’re going to the gym regularly.” Or, “You like cats, do not you?” Or: “You look like the classic Sylt vacationer!”

Let yourself be creative, be creative! But stay at the same time always you yourself. If you these tips heartily, you can at the cover letter to Tinder basically nothing wrong.


Do not always and constantly answer!

Men who are available around the clock are yawning. This shows that they focus on women and have no meaningful employment in life. Therefore, always wait a while with the answer when you get a message from her. Write every reply in the chat sparingly and carefully, because less is here more clearly!


From Tinder to the phone

Tinder is indeed installed on a smartphone, really to get the listener most men the women but not – from a meeting not to mention. Instead, they squeeze their fingers sore and send messages, without even getting a step closer by the cover letter.

Therefore the tip: If you are sympathetic and in the chat on a wavelength writes, try to move the heart-loving to a telephone call! On the phone the communication is simply more personal than the constant texts on Tinder. So she can get a much more vivid impression of you and get used to your sexy voice. You will find hot tips for flirting on the phone .

And who knows: Maybe there will soon be a meeting in real life. So the virtual love and the exciting date turns into true love!


Find out more about the flirting app in the following article

In the next article, we will show you which sayings are good for Tinder. We also give you more hot insider tips – read more worth it!

Gems make easy – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links you must earn a lot of Gems when you buy new cards and improve your deck. The main currency of the app can be purchased with real money. In this article, however, we would like to show you all the alternatives you can use to get your Gems without wasting your spare time. Free Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Gems Hack

The latest application of the still popular card game is free to download. So that the development of Duel Links is also worthwhile for Konami, you can buy real precious stones (or Gems) with real money , which you can exchange for booster packs in the shop. This is one of the few ways you can get new cards – so the temptation is great. We would like to help you here and tell you what methods you can earn a lot of precious stones .

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Earn Gems and buy new cards

After the first start of Duel Links you will be overloaded with Gems . In your gift box, you can accept the bonuses by tapping the colorful clunks. Among other things, the release of the app in various countries or the achievement of 20 million duellists was celebrated. We can therefore expect you to expect more precious stones if other milestones should be reached. Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats

Why are Gems so important now? Because you can buy booster in the shop . This contains three cards of varying degrees of rarity. These are the prices:

  • 50 Gems for 1 booster
  • 500 Gems for 10 boosters

Great bonus for the start: events and milestones in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel links bring you many Gems.

Great bonus for the start: events and milestones in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links bring you many Gems.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack Cheats Get Free Gems, Coins and Card Packs

The cards are therefore not cheap, so you should earn Gems as quickly as possible . It makes sense to save some of them, as new boosters with different events are introduced. What you can do if you want to get more precious stones , read this:

  • Duel Quiz : The fastest and easiest method to get to many precious stones, we would like to call you right at the beginning. In Duellschule, you can complete duel quizzes, which are completed very quickly and deliver you between 15 and 30 Gems .
  • Characters leveln : Your active character level with each duel. At each new level, you will be rewarded with cards, deck slots, abilities, or Gems. If you reach the current maximum level of 30, you get 500 precious stones – great, right?

Always look in your gift box again, if you want to earn more precious stones.

Always look in your gift box again, if you want to earn more precious stones.

  • Level missions and weekly missions : Click on “Missions” in the upper left hand half of the screen. Here you will find level missions that will increase your player level as well as weekly missions, which you can complete for seven days. As a reward, you will be betting about 5 to 50 Gems and other bonuses like keys or gold coins.
  • In-app purchases: You can also buy precious stones in the shop with real money. There are sets for which her booster and Gems get at the same time. For five Euros you get five packs including 10 Gems. If you are more deep in your pocket, you can afford 30 packs + 300 Gems for 30 euros.

With a simple trick you can get a few sets of Gems also in the main menu. There are currently four places or places, which you should always tap again. Usually you get 1-5 precious stones per day. Tip the following for more bonuses:

  • The well behind the duel school and the gate
  • The lanterns in front of the PvP Arena
  • The card hologram over the shop
  • The trash can before the card

Just tap on the marked areas and bag your bonuses in the form of Gems.

Just tap on the marked areas and bag your bonuses in the form of Gems.

With these tips you should be able to earn many Gems quickly . If we find more possibilities, we will expand this guide for you – keep it up!

FIFA 17: how to raise loyalty with this trick

In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team one of the things that most worries all users is to have a high chemistry . There are different ways to get the chemistry of our staff to be very high and even 100% by default. But sometimes, due to lack of time, coins or just bad luck with the envelopes, we are not able to raise it 80%.

At Xombit Games we have already talked about howchemistry works and what we have to do to have it 100% . But for those times when we do not get it and we want to increase the loyalty of the players, there is a trick that comes from pearls. It can serve us both for our template, and to complete some rather tedious template challenges.

Get Free Coins and Points for FIFA 17 Within Minutes 🙂

The Loyalty Trick in FIFA 17

To get the loyalty of the players with the more of chemistry that entails, we need to play games, specifically 10 . It is a good idea to keep a good number of contract cards in our inventory, if we want our plantille to last is essential. Plus one of the best ways to save and earn coins indirectly.

Fifa challenge template 17

Normally we would think of playing online games and even tournaments or days to do this, but if we do not want to risk going bad and appear in the markers, this is the trick we need. To avoid all this headache and do it fast, we only need to play against the team of the week , which is nothing more than against AI. FIFA 17 Hack

We can do this ten times very quickly , without really playing the games, and thus raise the loyalty of all our players. It is a bit tricky but it is nothing that is forbidden. We give him to play the game with the players that interest us to increase the loyalty, we wait for the throw-in and we leave the game.

To exit we have to press the Windows key on PC (or ctrl + alt + supr), or the central button on the Playstation or Xbox controls. Because yes, even if we go rough, the game will understand that we have played that game , and if we do it ten times, we will see how the loyalty of the players has risen and with it, the chemistry. What we say, we also use those templates for the challenges that sometimes we resist by chemistry.

CSR Racing 2: The Best Tricks You Should Know

Car games are a good source of entertainment within the mobile world, so much so that CSR Racing 2 has already arrived , the second part of a mythical game of cars in which we must show our skills at the wheel, but also the pedals.

As in every car game or practically any game in the world, there are some small “tricks” with which to move faster , or at least with which to better use the resources that we have in our hands. To us, who like to immerse ourselves in video games, we thought it a good idea to share these “tips” with which to improve in the game. Do you want to meet them?

The best tricks for CSR Racing 2

Taking into account that in CSR Racing 2 the dizzying races of drags need a great revolution in the engines , it is logical that the first of the tricks is to obtain the best exit:

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  • Revolutionize the car with the marker in green:  The most important thing when it comes to making a good start is precisely that, to properly revolutionize the engine. To do this you must step on the accelerator enough to be inside the green zone . Occasionally it will be smart to reinvigorate a little that engine so that at the time of departure has gone down to the green zone.

Csr racing 2

Another of the easiest ways to get a good start is to improve the car , because this way we get a better performance on it. There is another shortcut to follow here, and the most interesting:

  • Improve the car as soon as you start your game:  CSR Racing 2 cheats You may not know it, but the first three levels of improvements can be installed in your vehicle immediately after starting. We advise you to do this , since this way you will compete with an extra power, making the experience easier.

Other ways to improve on CSR Racing 2

Csr racing 2

Once you have downloaded the game and followed the advice we have given in the above lines, you should also know that there are other ways to improve your competitiveness with the vehicle:

  • You must be able to change gears: it  is important that you are able to change gears at the right time. To do this, you have to press the next one when the speed dial tells you that it is the best time . Calm, it is a matter of gradually improving your reflexes.
  • Join any good team within the game : it is also possible to join a team in CSR Racing 2, so if you find yourself in one of them and you are achieving certain goals, you will all gain valuable experience and perhaps more improvements to use In your vehicles.

These are the most important things to keep in mind, although in other places like Gamer Mobile you can also find some advice similar to the ones we have given you. Now it is only necessary that you yourselves be able to reach the highest. Are you ready to compete?